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Cooperation agency conditions

(1) Mature sales channels and promotion team in the agency area is needed.
(2) Have certain financial strength, strictly abide by the market operation order and good faith
(3) Strictly abide by the terms of the agency agreement in Cooperation with suppliers.Need to finish sales task for both agreements and with the supplier of the auxiliary management seriously.
Kavaborg sevices
一:Qulity control:Kavarborg offer high quality control and the rigorous work process, to ensure that our products meet customers' needs according to the regulation production,  And provide best After-sales service for agency for agents.
二:Logistics control: Strict logistics control by the specialist, ensure the interests of all agents products.
三:Sales assistant: To get the first information agent products through the network regular communication. Through marketing personnel and suppliers of business commissioner market investigation and analysis, assist agent management area market and sales representatives.
四:Development of technology: the company will constantly develop the product, ensure that agents have new product sales.
五:Network information: the company will survey to collect the product information, clear special personnel to the first time the agent for accurate provides each product information.
六:Contacts sharing: the company will provide broad consumer information publicity, the agent to regional division such as consumer need products,  company will inform consumers agent area telephone, etc...
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