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The core idea: let a man with a dream have the opportunity, let the serious people has the stage, do you have a position of a treatment. It is only act, I will use.


一:Having both ability and political integrity principle. The selection and use according to the comprehensive measure talent, the requirements of having both ability and political integrity, insist on a virtuous is no schemer, there are just no virtue is a mean person, axiomatization ability.
二:"Effect theory" principle. In use, we don't see degree see ability, don't see diploma see level, no matter what the identity, what degree, what age, as long as the good work, do better than others well, achievement is outstanding, is bold enable, entrusts with an important task.
三:At present the company for development-oriented company, technology, management personnel are in their 30 s, these people although age is not big, some degree also is not very high, but have the ability, motivation, a performance. We insist on "effect theory" personnel mechanism, make a batch of having both ability and political integrity of talents to stand out, the company to give the biggest stage. Because the company is according to the company.
四:Practice first principles. "True gold fears not the fire, judge will be to time to test". Any (card tile borg manufacturing Co., LTD.) each kind of specialized talented person, the company will arrange the knowledge learned in accordance with each other special skill, and let their practice can improve faster exercise, and then through the rigors of the time and tested, give chance to fully display, realizes the self-worth.
五:The principle of the survival of the fittest. In selecting talents, we realized by "Trojan horses" to "athletic field choosing horse" change, who did the best, we as a people to reuse; Otherwise, can only be forced out.
六:"Everyone is a talent" principle. In the human resources, eliminate stereotyped and mystification, do it because of the person and appropriate, is only applicable. As long as in the right position to play out the greatest degree of intelligence, is a sense of talents. According to the principle we, according to each employee level, the special skill, experience, personality, will arrange their to relatively appropriate post, do people do all it
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